VS -PLUS is a control method for road crossings, which are controlled with a traffic signal. The transducers are connected to a control device on which also VS -PLUS runs as software.

At best, the software is suitable for traffic-dependent control of the traffic signal. This includes a number of detectors are connected to the control unit adjacent signal generators that are typically sampled 10 times per second. Likewise, it is suitable for nodes with additional public transport preemption.

A key feature of the software is that the regulation of a specific node does not need to be programmed, but parameterized. The parameters requires an abstraction of the control tasks based on traffic engineering models. This makes it possible to grasp terms such as " priority" numbers, and thus to be used as parameters.

The parameterization also makes it possible that the software can provide a higher-level control and thus can be used in green waves and other coordinated areas.

Before commissioning, the transport processes can be simulated on a PC. For this, the software is loaded into a control device emulator, which communicates with a simulator. The simulation provides the traffic microscopically after ( micro-simulation ).