Vulci or Volci ( Etruscan Velch, Velx or Velc ) is (now Fiora ), located in the municipality of Montalto di Castro an ancient Etruscan town, 8 km from the Tyrrhenian Sea, west of the river Armenta.

Vulci was one of the twelve Etruscan cities. In the history of the city is mentioned only once during a 280 BC by the Romans to Vulci celebrated triumph. Soon after, made ​​the latter also as a port to Vulci belonging Cosa (today the ruins Ansedonia ) to Colonia.

The importance and wealth of the city Vulci is reflected in its necropolis researched since 1828. Unique magnificent vases, jewelry and bronze works from this necropolis are among the showpieces of many European museums.

Archaeological finds from the necropolis and other archaeological sites in the area include visiting the Museo Archeologico di Vulci, which is housed in the Castello dell'Abbadia. Next to the castle there is the Ponte dell'Abbadia, an arch bridge of Etruscan origin.