VV Brown

VV Brown ( born October 24, 1983 in Northampton, England; actually Vanessa Brown) is a British soul-pop musician.


Before Vanessa Brown launched her own career, she worked as a backing vocalist and songwriter for other artists. Among others, she wrote to the hits I Do not Need a Man ​​by The Pussycat Dolls and denial of the Sugababes. For the television series Las Vegas they took 2005 an original song entitled Whipped on. 2008 she began a proper solo career.

With the single Crying Blood they made ​​the beginning and got instantly very positive reviews. Among other things, it was included in the BBC Sound of 2009 list at No. 7 of the most promising talents. The Daily Mail, the Independent and even the Los Angeles Times said it requires a successful future.

With their single Shark in the Water and the debut album Travelling Like the Light, she managed in 2009 to the UK Top 40 Later in the year she also participated in the charity project Young Soul Rebels.



  • Travelling Like the Light ( 2009)
  • Samson & Delilah (2013 )


  • Whipped (2005)
  • Crying Blood ( 2008)
  • Leave! (2009)
  • Shark in the Water ( 2009)
  • Game Over (2009)


  • I Got Soul (2009) as a member of the Young Soul Rebels