Northampton [ nɔ θæmptən ː ] is a city with associated district in central England on the River Nene and as the administrative seat ( county town) of Northamptonshire. The city is located about 100 kilometers north of London.

Northampton has always been an industrial city, in particular shoes and other leather goods were produced. Meanwhile, next to the manufacturing and services providing companies have come.

Northampton is the densest populated district in England and yet no independent urban district ( Unitary Authority). The city council represents the claim that Northampton is the largest city in England is that does not have the status of a City, a London Borough or Metropolitan Borough. Medway and Milton Keynes could even boast they are not seen as independent cities.


Archaeological excavations in the area of Northampton have demonstrated a settlement already in the Iron Age and during the period of Roman occupation. The first farmers can be occupied from the 7th century. In the 8th century Northampton was originally " do Ham " of the Anglo-Saxon settlers named to an administrative office within the Kingdom of Mercia. The first written mention of the name Horthamton dates from the year 914

But the city in the 11th century, when the Normans city walls, Northampton Castle and the parish church of All Saints ( All Saints ') was established in Northampton. Middle of the 13th century Northampton had for a few years a university of its own, but which was dissolved under pressure from Cambridge and Oxford again. Called The Treaty of Edinburgh and Northampton, also called " Treaty of Northampton ," was here ratified by the British Parliament on 3 May 1328. 1460, during the Wars of the Roses, was King Henry VI. in Northampton jailed by supporters of the house of York.

During the English Civil War Northampton supported the Parliamentarians. Therefore, the city walls and castle were pulled down on the orders of King Charles II as punishment. Today the station is on the remains of the castle. He is therefore called " Northampton Castle Station".

In 1675 the city was destroyed by a great fire, and finally rebuilt after the drawing board again. The now Anglican All Saints parish church was rebuilt in the Baroque style.

In the 19th century Northampton became known as a stronghold of political radicalism, as Charles Bradlaugh was elected several times to the local MPs. After Catholic Emancipation and the immigration of Irish industrial workers, the Saint Mary's Cathedral, founded in 1850 Catholic Diocese of Northampton was built. In the 1960s the city a New Town was, thus, the population soared. The city was then also connected to the motorway network.

Since 1992 there has been twinned with the German Marburg, since April 20, 1979 with the French city of Poitiers.

Leisure and culture

The city is known for its many parks. There is an amusement park ( Billing Aquadrome ) with attached camping and marina on the outer edges of the city.

In addition to a modern shopping arcade Northampton will own the largest marketplace Britain ( 1235 ).

In Franklin 's Gardens stadium rugby union club Northampton Saints plays.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Thomas Dudley (1576-1653), colonial magistrate and several times governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672), first English poet whose works were published
  • Charles Fleetwood (1618-1692), soldier and statesman. From 1652 to 1655 he was Lord Deputy of Ireland
  • Samuel Parker (1640-1687), theologian and Bishop of Oxford
  • Ernest Scott (1867-1939), historian, journalist, author and theosophist
  • Albert Ingham (1900-1967), mathematician who worked on analytic number theory and analysis
  • Edmund Rubbra (1901-1986), composer
  • William Alwyn (1905-1985), composer
  • Francis Crick (1916-2004), scientist and Nobel Prize winner
  • Robert Adams (1917-1984), sculptor
  • Malcolm Arnold (1921-2006), composer
  • Jonathan Adams (1931-2005), actor
  • Nanette Newman ( born 1934 ), actress and writer
  • Mike Berry (1942-2010), singer and actor
  • Martin Drew (1944-2010), jazz drummer
  • Will Alsop ( b. 1947 ), architect
  • Alan Moore ( born 1953 ), comic book writer
  • Peter Murphy ( born 1957 ), musician
  • Neill Archer ( b. 1961 ), tenor
  • Colin Hood ( b. 1961 ), an expert in Systems Engineering
  • Mark Haddon (born 1962 ), writer
  • Jacqui Dankworth ( born 1963 ), jazz singer
  • Marc Warren ( born 1967), actor
  • Tim Minchin ( born 1975 ), Australian comedian, actor and musician
  • Shaun Murphy ( b. 1982 ), professional snooker player
  • Matt Smith ( b. 1982 ), actor
  • Maps, artists of the text in an electro -nineties, the psychedelic folk-rock and the so-called Shoegazing ( Dreampop ) is to be allocated


  • Northampton Castle, 11th century
  • Anglican main parish church All Saints ', originating in 1100, baroque building after the fire of 1675
  • Roman Catholic Saint Mary's Cathedral, begun in 1844, current shape in 1955
  • Northampton Guildhall, 1861-1864
  • Express Lift Tower, 1980-82
  • Sixfields Stadium, 1994