Vyacheslav Artyomov

Vyacheslav Petrovich Artyomov (Russian: Вячеслав Петрович Артёмов, scientific transliteration: Vyacheslav Petrovich Artemov, born June 29, 1940 in Moscow ) is a Russian composer.


With six years Artyomov received his first piano lessons from his father, a music teacher. At 18, he began to compose. After finishing school, he studied mathematics and physics at Moscow University before he studied composition at the Moscow Conservatory from 1962 to 1968. He first attended the Kompositonsklasse by Sergei Balasanian before he joined the class of Nikolai Sidelnikov.

In 1975 Artyomov founded together with the composers Viktor Suslin and Sofia Gubaidulina improvisational ensemble Astraea. The composers improvised in weekly meetings on folklore instruments, to thereby obtain ideas for their composition work. The ensemble was up in 1981 and broke up with the emigration Suslin on to Germany.

After the elegy Symphony was performed in 1977 in Cologne at the festival " encounter with the Soviet Union," Artyomov was together with six other listed in Cologne composer ( " Chrennikows Seven" ) publicly by the chairman of the Soviet Composer's Union, Tikhon Khrennikov, criticized. However, this criticism had no serious impact on his future career.

Attracted international attention Artyomov especially by his Requiem, which was first performed in Moscow in 1988. Then his symphonies The Morning Star Arises and Gentle emanation were premiered under the baton of Mstislav Rostropovich in London and Washington.

Artyomov composed a variety of works for percussion ensemble, as well as chamber music, works for solo instruments and orchestra works. The works Artjomows appear in the music publishers Sikorski (Hamburg) and Muzyka ( Moscow).

He is married to the poet Valerija Ljubetskaja and lives in Moscow.

Works (selection)

  • In Memoriam (1968, 1984) ( symphony with violin solo)
  • Elegy Symphony ( 1977) ( symphony with solo violin )
  • Requiem (1988 )
  • Totem ( 1976) ( works for percussion ensemble )
  • Symphony of the Way ( Symphonic tetralogy ): Way to Olympus (1978, 1984)
  • The Morning Star Arises (1993 )
  • On the Threshold of a Bright World (1990, 2002)
  • Gentle emanation (1991, 2008)