W Juliet

W Juliet (JapaneseジュリエットW, W jurietto ) is a completed manga series of Japanese illustrator Emura, which is assigned to the shōjo, and comedy.


Ito Miura meets the beautiful " student " Makoto Amano, which was changed at this time on Ito's school, and after a short time you will notice that this will develop into a very close friendship. However, Ito and Makoto could not be more different: While Makoto is very quiet and behaves always wears feminine clothes very well maintained, Ito is rather very short-tempered and behaves very masculine.

But both have the same dream: They want to be both actors. Once Makoto Amano the first time on stage the drama club of their school, which covers the two, it is clear that she has a lot of talent. The two get hold of as well as the roles of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, with Makoto Ito will occupy the Julia and Romeo. However, the role of Juliet was previously assigned to another person, who now represents the role of Makoto's rival. After a short time, however, something that Ito did not expect to happen. After a sample of the theater group invites Makoto to her home, where her siblings react so shocked that Ito brings a girl home, which is usually not their kind, that the two are unceremoniously once splashed.

Therefore, Ito Makoto offers to shower itself. After a short time she goes to her room, to see if Makoto is already finished showering, and thus airs Makoto's secret: Makoto is a he and not mean Makoto Amano, but Makoto Narita and has taken this role reversal upon themselves to his dream of becoming an actor, a reality. Since his father does not agree, he provides him with the task of completing high school undetected than girls. If he achieves this, he may be an actor; if not, he must continue the work of his father and take over the martial arts dojo of his father. However, Ito Makoto wants to help, not to be recognized in order to realize his dream, which is not always easy.

In the last two years of high school Ito experienced many adventures and must always make sure that Makoto's confidentiality is respected. No one may find out that Makoto is a boy, but some are on the verge of the two to get wise. Another problem is posed by Makoto arranged fiancée Takayo and her brother, who has an exceptional sister complex.

There are new conditions met in Makoto's agreement with his father and the ultimate school festival is approaching.


W Juliet was released in Japan from 1999 to 2003 in separate chapters in the manga magazine Hana to Yume of Hakusensha publishing. These individual chapters were combined in 14 anthologies.

In German, the series was published monthly in the manga magazine Daisuki by Carlsen Comics. The publisher published until January 2010 at the four- month intervals all anthologies.