Wafa Sultan

Wafa Sultan (Arabic وفاء سلطان Wafa Sultan ʾ; * 1959 in Baniyas, Syria ) is an American psychiatrist Syrian origin.

She became famous through their engagement in policy debates in the Middle East. She herself was educated Alawite, describes itself as secular but now, since she claims that he was an eyewitness to the murder of their professor at the University of Aleppo by the Muslim Brotherhood. Your statement that the murder had taken place in the university, but to have been disputed by the University of Aleppo. In 1989, she emigrated with her husband David Sultan to the United States; both are now American citizens.

She had two spectacular performances on talk shows on Al-Jazeera. End of 2005, she discussed with the Algerian Islamist Ahmad bin Muhammad over terrorism and religious education. She gave him the right to promote the education of children to terrorists by they needed to learn certain verses of the Quran by heart at a young age, without reflecting this.

Her performance at al - Jazeera on 21 February 2006 was picked up by numerous media and quickly spread through e-mails and blogs. The topic of the talk show was to understand the freedom of speech and the experiment whose boundary in Western culture. This performance earned her an addition to death threats praise from reformers. In the said talk show she said ironically, among other things, the Muslims could thank the Israelis because they would meet by the murder of Muslims whom the dream of martyrdom.


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