Washington Square Park

40.730833333333 - 73.9975Koordinaten: 40 ° 43 ' 51 " N, 73 ° 59' 51 " W

Washington Square Park is one of the best known of the more than 1,700 public parks in New York City. Situated between Greenwich Village and the East Village at New York University, the installation comprises an area of 3.95 hectares.

1823 the area was declared a park. As of 1869/1870 was a landscape modification of the formal system by Ignaz Pilat, together with the engineer Montgomery Alexander Kellogg. It was one of the first projects of the transformation was founded in 1870 " Department of Public Parks" (Director: William Grant), whose senior landscape architect Pilat was.

Since the 1940s he became a meeting place for folk musicians, with the peak during the folk boom of the early 60s, as, for example, Bob Dylan played here. There have always been problems with the Municipality because of the volume. 1961 there was even a small " Beatnik Riot " when the police wanted to prohibit the making of music.

Since 2007, the park will be rebuilt, the budget is 16 million dollars.

On the site of the Washington Square Arch, the Hangman's Elm and Central Fountain are. Operates and manages the park will, like all public parks in Manhattan, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, the New York responsible authority.

The park is also used as the center of the location-based game Pac- Manhattan.