Wedding in Blood

  • Stéphane Audran: Lucienne
  • Michel Piccoli: Pierre
  • Claude Piéplu: Paul

Bloody Wedding ( Les noces rouges ) is a French film from 1973. Directed by Claude Chabrol.


Lucienne, the wife of small-town mayor Paul Delamare, has a passionate affair with Pierre Maury. Her husband knows nothing of it. He makes his rival even the city council and his deputy.

Source of movie action

The film plot is based on a French criminal case, as the history of the " devilish lovers of Bourganeuf " great public interest aroused. On 21 August 2007 at the French television in the fifth episode of the documentary series "50 Years of News " shown " The devilish lover of Bourganeuf ". Bernard Cousty and Yvette Balaire loved passionately, but both were married,. With the Mayor of Bourganeuf, René Balaire Both did not want to leave at a affair and rejected at the same time for herself divorces. Therefore, both planned Coustys wife and Balaires husband to murder. On December 24, 1969, died unexpectedly woman Cousty the flu without suspicion of a crime. Two months later, on February 23, 1970 Mayor René Balaire is found burned in his crashed car. Suicide or accident? At first everything seems not flashy, but after over a year of the murder of René Balair is discovered by the police. In May 1972, will be sentenced by the court in Limousin Yvette Balaire to murder to 10 years in prison on Bernard Cousty the death penalty. Cousty succeeded after surprising the resumption of his trial on procedural grounds. From the Circuit Court of Gironde he was sentenced on March 1, 1973 to life imprisonment.


  • Encyclopedia of the International Films: More clearly than in his previous films linked Chabrol a melodramatic crime story from the milieu of the French bourgeoisie with concrete political allusions and sharp criticism of the Gaullist right tendencies.
  • Wolf Donner, Time, 1976: The camera and its famous circular pans, color and dialogue director, the actors ( Stephane Audran, Michel Piccoli, Claude Pieplu ) are masterful.


The film was nominated at the Berlinale in 1973 for a Golden Bear and won the FIPRESCI Prize.