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The Wehebach, also called Woe, is a river in the cities of Aachen and Düren district in the west of North Rhine -Westphalia. The Woe flows from south to north, is dammed in the Wehebach dam and flows Lamersdorf ( now the town indene ) from the right in the Inde.

The Wehebach arises from the source branches of the left and right Red Woe Bach White Woe Bach, whose former confluence is now flooded by the dam. The Red Woe springs east of Fort house hunters drive from two case, the noticeably longer White Woe for Raffelsbrand. Prior to its confluence with the Wehebach Dam is the Red Woe municipal boundary between Stolberg and Hurtgenwald.

The Wehebach is named after the village of Langer woe.


The White Wehebach or the White Woe rises at the southern edge of the forest land Todtenbruch at Hurtgenwald - Raffelsbrand and flows northward through the Hurtgenwald, where she receives numerous smaller tributaries. Shortly before flowing into the Wehebach dam flows from the right of the first four kilometers Hürtgenbach to. In the caused by the flooding of his old valley southern arm of the dam culminate on the Hülsensiefen, the Weberbach and Schliefensiefen, while the south-west arm of the lake in the lower basin of the Red Woe Bach fed besides this also the Rothsiefen. An eastern branch receives the Thönbach.

Immediately after leaving the Wehebach dam, the forest takes on the valley slopes back and the Wehebach increases from left to Hüttsiefen on, by running from about the turn left tributary of the Lamersiefens Schevenhütte and then goes northward in the lead mill in the city district of Stolberg over to the Langerwehe municipality. Here it flows east past Hamich, the monastery Wenau, Heistern and the Good Schonthal and reached Langerwehe Center. There he makes the forest permanently behind and now flows through a flatter agricultural landscape, traverses the district Luchem and leaves the municipal area at the bridge under the A 4 Then he bent briefly to the northwest from flows through Inden / Altdorf and in the house Lützeler by to lead towards the eastern outskirts of Lamersdorf the Good Merödgen from the right in the Inde.