Werner Gregoritsch

Werner Gregoritsch in 2009

Werner " Gregerl " Gregoritsch ( born March 22, 1958 in Graz) is an Austrian football coach and former professional footballer.


Born is Gregoritsch in Graz. Grew up behind the Schloss Eggenberg and near the PÄDAK and Eggenberger stadium, the foundation stone was laid for his later career.

Parallel to his career as a footballer, he started at the Karl- Franzens- University Graz be teaching degree " and German gymnastics", which he broke off and moved to the PÄDAK in Graz.

After ending his professional football career, and after completing the PÄDAK he taught at the Primary School Church Square in Bruck the subjects German and gymnastics.

Werner Gregoritsch is married to physician Dr. Susanne Gregoritsch and has two children (Matthias and Michael, who moved to SV Kapfenberg in summer 2008).

Career as a player

As tot he came to Grazer AK, where he was in 1976 the Austrian Youth Championship, which was played at that time as a Cup win. At the same time he was 17 years old his debut in the first team of the GAK; mostly he ran as a center forward.

According to his teaching years at GAK he played from 1981 to 1983 at VOEST Linz, after one more season in Graz. In the season 1984/1985 he ran in the Bundesliga for Vienna, where he also, at age 29, his career finished in the top division in Austria. Between 1986 and 1987 he played one and a half seasons in the Bundesliga 2 at DSV Leoben.

Another station as a player was the country's league team Germany Berger SC. His coaching career began in 1989 when burgendländischen country division club SV Güssing, for the time being as player-coach. With a stopover at ASK Schlaining (Burgenland) he landed in his home district in the ESK Graz, also initially as player-coach, then only as a coach.

Player stats

Professional career

Season Club ( games / goals )

Total: 133 games, 28 goals in the Bundesliga.

Amateur career

Season Club

Coaching career

After Werner Gregoritsch his coaching career began at ESK Graz, he was hired again at his hometown club GAK ( Grazer Athletic Club). There he was a youth coach, amateur coach, assistant coach of the first team and youth leaders and is still regarded as foster father of GAK youth academy. He was with the BNZ GAK / Storm Austrian Youth Champion 1992.

He began his coaching career in April 2000 as head coach at Grazer AK. At his old club he has worked as a youth leader and trainer of amateurs, as after the change of Klaus Augenthaler 1 FC Nuremberg whose assistant coach Rainer Hörgl aufrückte head coach and was discharged after a few laps. GAK was disappointing in the championship round 1999/2000 only seventh, but he was Winners' Cup and Super Cup winner 2000 and thus qualified for the UEFA Cup. The following season, the GAK was under Gregoritsch in a memorable championship finish in the last round with a 2-1 away win at SV Austria Salzburg displace local rivals SK Sturm Graz from third place and was thus again qualified for the UEFA Cup. In autumn 2001 he was made redundant after a few defeats and inconsistencies with the team from GAK bureau and replaced by Christian Keglevits.

From 2002 to mid- 2004, he was coach of SV Mattersburg. In his first season he managed the castle countries in the league, in his first full season in 2002/ 03, finally, the rise and 2003/ 04 the unexpected relegation in the Bundesliga. The squad of Burgenland comprised mainly players from the Burgenland. Gregoritsch was "Coach of the Year 2003" at the annual conference organized by the Kronen Zeitung choice.

2004/ 05 took over as coach at Gregoritsch LASK Linz graced the table end of the second division at the time. He led the team to a secure mid-table and headed a similar spirit of optimism, as in a Matter castle. 2005/ 06 was the LASK rise as a candidate for the Austrian Bundesliga, the goal of ascension, however, was missed. In May 2006 Gregoritsch left the Linzer Athletiker.

In September 2006, Werner Gregoritsch was presented as new coach of SV Kapfenberg. Although he had planned a longer break when LASK after his departure, he became the coach scepter from the Red Zac division club SV Kapfenberg, under coach Drazen Svalina only two points had to have in eleven rounds. His start, he celebrated with a 1-1 Kapfenberg Franz Fekete Stadium against local rivals DSV Leoben. Although he moved a lot, it also failed him, to preserve the Kapfenberg from relegation.

With 32 points from 33 games they finished second to last place in the table. Sporty SV Kapfenberg was staying. Because some clubs could not meet the licensing requirements, but there was a chance of staying in the Red Zac First League. As a sign that it will continue, Werner Gregoritsch extended his contract by three years, no matter which league.

Since the GAK and Admira Wacker Mödling received a license in the last instance was the SV Kapfenberg and the 2007/2008 season in the second highest Austrian league, Red Zac Erste Liga contest.

This was the beginning of an amazing success story. After 15 games you stood at the top for the first time. Up to 1:3 defeat against FC Kärnten they remained unbeaten in 14 games in a row. The lead over SC Austria Lustenau was eight points at this time. Three laps before the end of the Championship, the club now has nine points ahead of the persecutor, and an additional plus in the goal difference of 18 goals. The rise in the highest Austrian league after 41 years was thus already celebrated early. In the 2008/2009 season was a 2-0 victory over SK Austria Kärnten, just three laps to go, the league will be fixed. Finally, the season was finished in eighth place. In the 2009/2010 season he moved on 14 April 2010 his 15-year old son Michael in the game against Austria in the 80th minute with loud protests of the fans, who then with his third ball contact the scoring.

On November 22, 2011, announced that Kapfenberg SV has amicably resolved its contract with Gregoritsch. As a reason for the resignation of the constant poor performances of Kapfenberg identified in the current season.

On 20.Jänner 2012, the OFB announced that Werner Gregoritsch became the successor of Andreas Herzog, who joined as an assistant coach for the U.S. National Team, ordered and now oversees the Austrian U-21 national team. Gregoritch signed a contract until 2014 with an option until 2015.

Success as a coach

  • Austrian Cup Winner 1999/2000 with the Grazer AK
  • Austrian Supercup final 2000 with the Grazer AK
  • 3rd Austrian Championship 2000/2001 with the Grazer AK
  • UEFA Cup Qualifying 2000/2001 with the Grazer AK
  • Master First League with the SV Mattersburg 2003/2004
  • Runner-up First League with LASK Linz 2005/ 06
  • Master First League with the Kapfenberg SV 2007/2008
  • Austrian Junior Champion with BNZ GAK / Storm

A life in football

As tot he came to GAK, where he was in 1976 the Austrian Youth Championship, which was played at that time as a Cup win. At the same time he was 17 years old his debut in the first team of the GAK, mostly he ran as a center forward. At the same time he started at the Karl-Franzens University Graz be teaching degree " and German gymnastics", which he broke off and moved to the PÄDAK in Graz.

Between 1986 and 1987 he played one and a half seasons in the Bundesliga 2 at DSV Leoben. Reason for this was that the subjects he taught German and gymnastics after completion of PÄDAK at the Primary School Church Square, Bruck. Then he moved back to Graz back, he taught at the music high school and at the sports school.

In 1997, a bitter incision in the life of Werner Gregoritsch, the then GAK - was amateur coach and assistant coach of the first team under GAK Klaus Thaler eyes. In the course of a routine examination, after a tennis match the shocking diagnosis - testicular cancer. The only chance of survival was an emergency surgery the next day. After countless chemotherapy followed ( a very aggressive but abgekapselter tumor). But what could not stop him when it came his coaching tenure at the GAK amateurs ( although his larynx due to food intolerances swelled again and again) to resume. Until now, when it starts to Gregoritsch describes his situation at that time in cancer self-help groups or cancer congresses.

For his services to the city of Kapfenberg Werner Gregoritsch was defeated in April 2008 as an honorary Knight of Oberkapfenberg. Since then, he may " Werner, noble champion of football " call. Other honorary Knight ( of which there are only five ) are for example KSV Soccer President Erwin Fuchs ( " Edler von Fuchs ponds " ) and the English football team manager Fabio Capello.