Werthenbach (Sieg)


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The value stream, above Werthenbach also called the upper reaches Lützelbach, is a 9.7 km long, south-eastern and orographic left tributary of the victory in the area of ​​the city located in the North Rhine -Westphalian district of Siegen -Wittgenstein Netphen.


The creek rises in the southern part of the Rothaargebirge as Lützelbach on the southeast flank of the Stiegelburg ( 637.8 m) to about 577 m above sea level. NHN; in the transition region to the north-east side knoll Lahn head ( 624.9 m ), the Lahn source. His path leads him first to the southwest. To the confluence of the width in Werth Bach Bach Bach takes on numerous, flowing from the heights of the surrounding mountains, short tributaries. At the latest with the mouth of the river width Bach also Werthenbach is called. Below Werth Bach turns the river to the west and later to the northwest. Once the value stream Helgersdorf and Salchendorf has passed through it flows into Deuz to around 314 meters above sea level on the left side in the victory.

Catchment area

On its 9.7 km long path of Bach overcomes a difference in altitude of 263 m, corresponding to an average bed slope of 27.1 ‰. It drains a catchment area of ​​27.705 km ² victory and the Rhine to the North Sea.


The most important tributary of the value stream is a 7 km long vultures Grundbach. With a 10.089 km ² large catchment area it has a share of more than 1/3 of the value of the stream. Its length is at the mouth longer than the flow path of the value stream. The following are the tributaries of the value of Bach are listed in order from source to mouth. Called the orographic position of the mouth, the length, the size of the catchment area, the mouth height and the waters each measure.

Traffic routes

The value stream is accompanied in the lower reaches of the country road 729, which connects with Deuz Hainchen. From Irmgarteichen Werth Bach county road 11 passes through the Werthenbachtal. Between Deuz Irmgarteichen and ran until 2004, the small train Angsleah - Deuz to 2004, a standard gauge light railway.