Wilhelm Heinrich Waagen

Wilhelm Heinrich scales ( born June 23, 1841 in Munich, † March 24 1900 in Vienna ) was a German geologist and paleontologist.


Wilhelm Heinrich Scales was born as the son of Hamburg -derived, converted to Catholicism, painter and writer Carl Scales (1800-1873) and his wife, the singer Nanette Schechner ( 1806-1860 ). The father Carl scales was the brother of the art historian Gustav Friedrich Scales ( 1794-1868 ).

Scales studied in Munich and Zurich, PhD at the Ludwig- Maximilians- University of Munich, where he was from 1866 professor of paleontology. In 1864 he received an award for his work The law in Franconia, Swabia and Switzerland. For a year he taught the siblings Prince Arnulf of Bavaria and Therese of Bavaria in natural history. 1870 Wilhelm Heinrich Scales went to India as a paleontologist at the Geological Survey of India. The local climate was not conducive to his health, so he finally returned to Europe in 1875, after he had married in 1874 the noblewoman Sophie from United Schedel and was therefore protected financially. Scales then taught as a lecturer at the University of Vienna and in 1879 professor at the German Polytechnic Institute, Prague. He has published monographs on the paleontology of Kachchh (English: Cutch ) ( 1873-1876 ), especially the ammonites of the Jura, and the salt mountain range ( 1879 to 1883 ) as part of the series Palaeontologica Indica. In Prague, he continued after the death of Joachim Barrande in 1883 continued its Silurien Système de Boheme and wrote with J. Jahn section crinoids. In 1890 he became a professor of paleontology at the University of Vienna.

In 1898 he was awarded the Lyell Medal. He was a devout Catholic and a life committed religious.

His older brother was the ennobled Bavarian Major General Gustav von Scales (1832-1906), another brother of the painter Adalbert Scales ( 1834-1898 ).

Family relationships

William Henry married in 1874 scales the noblewoman Baroness Sophie of large Schedel, niece of Major General Christian of Great Schedel and daughter of the Bavarian officer, Joseph Freiherr von United Schedel and his wife Auguste of Weling. The latter was the child of the ennobled Jewish converts Eduard von Weling ( previously Eduard Seligmann ) and the granddaughter of the Bavarian court factor Aron Elias of Eichthal ( previously Aron Elias Seligmann ).

Scales and his wife had several children, the son of William (1875-1960) was born in Calcutta. It was when Father Hildebrand Benedictine in the abbey Seckau and operated among others as pastor of the congregation Traboch. The Vienna-born son Luke Scales (1877-1959) also gained notoriety in professional geologists.