Working terrier

Erdhunde or Bauhunde are hunting dogs that are used in the hunt under the ground.

Erdhunde such a small chest that they can follow fox and badger, rarely also the rabbit in the underground construction.


The FCI defined:

" Erdhunde are

  • Dogs of the breeds in the FCI Groups 3 and 4, which are assumed according to the FCI Breed Nomenclature a working trial,
  • Terrier breeds that are developed at national level, at the request of the national state association, a working trial,
  • And are able to work in an art or Naturbau successfully on fox or badger. "

In group 3, the FCI leads the Terriers, Dachshunds in Group 4.

Erdhunde are under FCI regulations as of 1 January 2011:

Use in the hunt under the ground

Erdhunde try the fox or badger by barking and light attack attempts to leave the building to bring. Dogs that are too aggressive, hurt easily especially when attacking the badger.

The roof can be moved only in rare cases to leave the building. It is then often an impact ( ie, it is a hole dug for terriers underground ) may be necessary to kill the badger. In order to always plan the strike so that it comes on the dog, terriers underground a station is reassigned. With a locating device can then be determined exactly where the dog is.

Today more and more artificial buildings for the fox to be created to facilitate the work for the terriers underground.