The acronym refers to EPA

  • Wi -Fi Protected Access, an encryption method in the field of wireless networks (WLAN)
  • Windows Product Activation ( Windows Product Activation ), a method and software licensing strategy in Microsoft Windows XP and later versions; see Microsoft Windows XP product activation #
  • Works Progress Administration (later Works Projects Administration ), a federal agency of the United States, during the "New Deal" ( 1935-1943 ) Unemployment in the U.S. brought wages and bread
  • EU Economic Partnership Agreements with ACP countries on free trade zones
  • A corrugator
  • World Pheasant Association, a conservation organization for pheasants
  • Woomera Prohibited Area (also Woomera prohibited area ), a former restricted area in Australia
  • Scientific-practical work, in the context of instruction at the advanced high school
  • World Pool - Billiard Association
  • World Psychiatric Association
  • Economic Policy Department of the NSDAP
  • Windows Performance Analyzer is a set of performance monitoring tools which generate detailed performance profiles of the Microsoft Windows operating systems and applications
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