X-15 (film)

  • David McLean: Matt Powell
  • Charles Bronson: Lt. Col. Lee Brandon
  • Ralph Taeger: Maj. Ernest Wilde
  • Brad Dexter: Maj. Anthony Rinaldi
  • Kenneth Tobey: Col. Craig Brewster
  • James Gregory: Tom Deparma
  • Mary Tyler Moore: Pamela Stewart
  • Patricia Owens: Margaret Brandon
  • Lisabeth Hush: Diane Wild
  • Stanley Livingston: Mike Brandon
  • Lauren Gilbert: Col. Jessup
  • Phil Dean: Maj. McCully
  • Chuck Stanford: Lt.. Cmdr. Joe Lacrosse
  • Patty McDonald: Susan Brandon
  • James Stewart as the narrator

The X-15 ready (Original title: X -15) is an American science fiction film directed by Richard Donner from 1961 with David McLean, Charles Bronson, Ralph Taeger and Brad Dexter in the lead roles. The film was produced by Essex Productions for the production company MGM on a story by Tony Lazzarino, who also wrote the screenplay.


The experimental X-15 program at Edwards Air Force Base also includes hardboiled test pilot Matt Powell, Lieutenant Colonel Brandon Lee and Maj. Ernest Wilde. The high-speed program is overseen by project manager Tom Deparma and U.S. Air Force Col. Craig Brewster. For the planned rocket launch, starting from a Boeing B- 52 test pilot experience mental and physical load requirements, which they share with their wives and girlfriends.

Tested is the limit. Results and setbacks, including an almost disaster, explodes as a motor on the bottom of the base, is the nerve costumes of all participants on a hard ordeal. But more and more the daring mission beginning to bear fruit. For a manned rocket plane reaches the X-15 speed and altitude records. A skilful leadership of the X-15 in the end leads to a safe landing and save Powell 's life, but Lieutenant Colonel Brandon is killed in a crash of a machine. Powell himself flying the X-15 then out into space for the final test.


"The use of test pilots on an American site for the test rocket. , Is able to provide no adequate counterpoise Mostly technically oriented feature film whose scanty interest in the private lives of pilots. "

Production Notes

The special effects came from Gerald T. Boylan, Jack Freeman, Robert L. Loahff, A. Paul Pollard and Raymond P. Santini. The buildings were designed by Rolland M. Brooks. Mixer was Victor B. Appel. The facilities created Arden Cripe and Harold Michelson. The costumes delivered Wesley Jeffries. Bernard Ponedel and Mary Westmoreland distinguished themselves responsible for mask and hairstyles. Production manager was John Pommer. Location was the Edwards Air Force Base in California in the United States.