X-Day (manga)

Day X (Japanese彼女 たち の エクス·デイ, Kanojo - tachi no X day, dt " Day X of her and the other ") is a manga by the mangaka Mizushiro Setona. Influenced by the Columbine High School massacre in Littleton describes the mangaka the experiences of three students and a teacher who is planning to blow up their school in the air. This Mizushiro going on with a relentless realism, reminiscent of manga as Confidential Confessions or Tokyo Babylon.


Main character of the manga is Saginuma Rika, a young student the rather suffer that she was dumped by her boyfriend, who now walks with a training partner of her. In an online chat her school she meets some kindred spirits know who are planning the school to blow up into the air. You finally get to know each, and begins the plan into reality implement.

At the end of the second strip the rather unusual SF story is the last meal.



In Japan, designed on 2 volumes manga was published in 2002 in Akita Shoten Princess. In the U.S. Tokyopop published the manga under the title X -Day. In French, he appeared in Asuka Comics.

In Germany the manga published by Tokyopop, translated by Ninako Takeuchi.