The X -FAB Silicon Foundries (German X -FAB Semiconductor works ) is a group of companies of semiconductor foundries, headquartered in Erfurt (X -FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, in the industrial area southeast between Melchendorf and Windischholzhausen ). Main activity is the manufacture of customer specific integrated analog and mixed-signal circuits va for the automotive industry, the aviation and aerospace industries and other industrial applications. In particular, the production of high-voltage circuits up to 700 V is in the foreground. It produces X -FAB circuits with feature sizes of up to 1.0 microns to 130 nm at 6 - and 8 -inch wafers ( 2012). In addition to the manufacture of ICs increases the production of MEMS in recent years, an ever larger volume.


The company went out of parts of the former GDR semiconductor VEB out Microelectronics " Karl Marx " ( combine microelectronics Erfurt), which had its headquarters and some manufacturing facilities in Erfurt since 1989. The Combine 1978 was formed a consortium of semiconductor manufacturers in the GDR at various locations, including the Center for Microelectronics Dresden ( ZMD).

After German reunification was the destruction of the Combine as well as a partial privatization of individual enterprises. The facilities in Erfurt in 1992, among others, in the X -FAB Society for the production of wafers, Ltd. ( production) - as part of the company Melexis NV - As well as the partially privatized (draft) Thesys Corporation for Microelectronics mbH. Both were together in 1999 at the Belgian company ELEX NV sold (previous owner was part of the Free State of Thuringia).

By 2009, decreed "X- FAB Silicon Foundries " group over five manufacturing facilities (fabs ), the semiconductor factory in Plymouth, United Kingdom, but was sold to Plus Semi in December 2009.

Starting in 2010, X - Fab has therefore four manufacturing facilities, which in Germany (Erfurt and Dresden ), Malaysia ( Kuching ) and the U.S. (Lubbock ) are located. The production of ZMD was taken in Dresden in 2007. The Group employs about 2,600 people and generated 2007 revenues of 299.3 million euros. In 2009 it was only $ 210.5 million ( 151.1 million euros ), 2010 then 317 million dollars ( 222.4 million euros ). CEO is Hans -Jürgen Straub.