X - Wild was a German heavy metal band that was founded in 1993.


X - Wild was founded by Axel Morgan (Axel Kohlmorgen ), Jens Becker and Stefan Schwarzmann 1993. The three were ex- members of Running Wild, which also was the band's name ( ex- Wild ). Shortly thereafter, they were joined on the British singer Frank Knight. In 1994 they released their debut album, So What!.

After their second album Monster Effect Black man left the band in 1995. During the tour for the album opening for Grave Digger Rainer Heubel helped out as a drummer. Before the next album Frank Ullrich ( Grave Digger ) went into the band. 1996 appears the concept album Savageland.

Shortly thereafter, the band dissolves. Jens Becker rose in 1997 Grave Digger one.


  • Heavy Metal Band
  • German band