The abbreviation XA stands for:

  • Atlantic Ocean, ISO -3166 -2 code of the ocean
  • Greek license plate for Euboea ( Chalkida )
  • The processor architecture extended addressing, which was introduced in 1981 by IBM for the System/370 model 3081 mainframe.
  • The X / Open XA specification, a standard for distributed transactions
  • EXtended Architecture, a standard for CD -ROM drives
  • A proprietary audio format owned by Maxis for The Sims 1
  • A compact camera from Olympus
  • Ash in the feed analysis
  • Mathematical solver for linear programming

XA as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • UK: EU export vehicles, the months of March and September
  • Italy: Trailer
  • Norway: Brekstad in the province of Sør -Trøndelag
  • Slovakia: authorities Plate ( group of letters after the hyphen )

XA stands for:

  • A model of the car brand Scion

. xa is:

  • A file type for audio data, which is used in Sony's PlayStation

Xa stands for:

  • The Badische X a was a locomotive of the Grand Ducal Baden State Railways.
  • Blood clotting factor Xa, the activated form of the factor X
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