Scion (automobile)

Scion is a car brand of the Japanese automaker Toyota, which should appeal targeted younger customers. As project test for the Japanese domestic market in 1997 launched, Toyota sells vehicles of the Scion brand since 2003, now exclusively in the United States and some countries in the Middle East. Some models are sold in Japan and Europe than Toyota. The car the Scion brand are produced mainly in Japan.


In the United States Scion was first presented on 27 March 2002 with the BBX, which was based on the Toyota bB at the New York Auto Show. The xA and xB vehicles were introduced in 2004 on the Great car show in Los Angeles on January 2, 2003. Initially (since 6 June 2003), the cars were sold only at 105 car dealers in California, in February 2004, followed by the introduction in the South, Southeast and on the East Coast of the USA. Since June 2004, they are sold throughout the United States. Since 2011, Scion is now also represented in Canada.

In the United States the company AC Propulsion offers a reconstruction of the Scion xB to the electric car under the name AC Propulsion eBox.

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