XDCAM is the name of an imported Sony digital video system that records for Tapeless recording on Professional Disc for broadcast.

Professional Disc

XDCAM records on the so-called " Professional Disc for Broadcast". This disc is similar to the Blu-ray system, but it is also protected against external influences by a housing and uses a different file format.

On a single-layer "Professional Disc" fit 23 GB of video material. This corresponds to 85 minutes in DVCAM mode and IMX 45 minutes ( IMX50 ). On a dual-layer "Professional Disc" fit 50GB of video footage. This is equivalent to 185 minutes in DVCAM mode.

Proxy data

In addition to the full-resolution PAL or NTSC signal XDCAM cameras record on so-called proxy AV data. This is a low -resolution, MPEG -4 compressed version of the actual video data that are stored in parallel with the full-resolution signal. These offer the advantage that they can be transmitted faster in the tapeless acquisition and as used for example for faster views or for offline editing.

Areas of application

XDCAM is in contrast to Digital Betacam ( the tape -based digital predecessor of Sony, who is at the stations of the ARD and many private channels as standard) multi-format compatible, thus recording in HD and SD is possible. Shortly after the launch of XDCAM decided renowned television channels such as WDR or Sat.1, as well as smaller regional channels like Tele Basel, for the purchase of XDCAM equipment.

Both for use in today's field, as well as in the field of documentary production, the system is increasingly used.


Among the most important XDCAM devices include the following:

  • PDW -510 XDCAM camcorder recording to DVCAM
  • PDW -530 XDCAM camcorder recording to DVCAM & IMX
  • PDW -1500 XDCAM recorder recording to DVCAM & IMX
  • PDW -F330 & PDW -F350 XDCAM HD Camcorder recording onto DVCAM XDCAM HD &
  • PDW -700 & PDW -F800 XDCAM HD Camcorder recording onto DVCAM (option ) & IMX & XDCAM HD
  • PDW -F30 and PDW- F70 XDCAM HD recorder recording to DVCAM XDCAM HD &
  • PDW- F75 XDCAM HD recorder recording on Dual Layer Professional Disc
  • PDW -U1 XDCAM HD USB ​​drive to the computer for fast archiving and processing

With the introduction of the XDCAM Studio Recorder PDW -3000 was announced by Sony. This should - like a tape-based VTR machine - be cuttable as a recorder and the "normal" size of a MAZ have ( full 19 " width, 4 height units ). The PDW -3000 but was never produced in series.

Since January 2007, a software update for the PDW -1500 is available, which makes this machine a full-fledged interface recorder with insert and Assemblefunktionen.

Specification ( SD codec)

Audio tracks

When recording to XDCAM disc should be noted that the 8 audio tracks can be loaded only in mono. Stereo or 5.1 audio tracks can only be recorded as discrete channels.