XDCC ( Xabi DCC stands for ) was initially a script for ircII, which was written in 1994 by Xabier Vázquez and the ircII DCC command expands.

Today, XDCC refers to IRC bots that grant access to file servers. XDCC bots usually offer to one or more files for download via the DCC protocol.

Unlike peer-to -peer file transfers XDCC is often hosted by connections through strong upstream bandwidths. This is often to servers with fast connections, which are also used for websites or corporate networks.

In order to use XDCC, to write an IRC client a private message to a bot and asks which files it is available for downloading (this feature however, is often disabled to reduce the burden of XDCC bots ). If a user wants to download a packet, it sends a message to the bot, which then begins with either sending a packet, or the user in a queue ( engl. queue) enqueues.

User Commands for XDCC bots

Commands are passed via msg (normal text message) or CTCP to the bot. Follow all these commands prefixed " xdcc " (example: / msg xdcc send botname # 1):

  • List: Request file list
  • Send # : requesting a packet
  • Stop: stop file list
  • Cancel: Rollback
  • Remove requested packages: remove