Xgrid is a concept of grid computing and distributed computing, which has been developed by Apple Inc. for Mac OS X. The solution is characterized by simple configurability and fully implemented by support from the operating system. Meanwhile, there are also solutions with which other systems can be integrated into Xgrid ( eg Windows or Linux)


Xgrid used as in Grid Computing usual three components:

  • Xgrid Agent
  • Xgrid controller
  • Xgrid client

The agent runs on each node in the cluster, so any computer that provides its resources, and receives the orders. The controller controls the grid as central administration. The client is ultimately the program that is requesting the grid resources. Agents can be put on many operating systems and integrate them into the Apple Xgrid. To this end, there are updates for older versions of Mac OS X systems, solutions for Unix and Linux or Java solutions that are independent of operating system and therefore also run on Microsoft Windows operating systems.


Practically speaking, you need to hardware nothing more than a computer with a network connection. On these computers, a Grid software takes over the release of a subtask that one - provides server available - usually central. This server uses software that can split a big task into a number of subtasks for all nodes in the Grid and summarizes the partial results back.


The first implementation of this idea was in OPENSTEP with the demo application " zilla.app ". All necessary components are in Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) and 10.5 ( Leopard) already fully integrated in the system and only need to be activated (agents and controllers ). For older Mac OS X versions (Panther) time, updates to Xgrid. Alternative operating systems are supported for some time by third-party software.