XMPP Standards Foundation

The XMPP Standards Foundation ( XSF ) ( before 2007: Jabber Software Foundation, JSF ) is a charitable foundation that specifies the XMPP protocol and drives.

The XSF operates the mailing lists on which the specification of the protocol will be developed as an XMPP Extension Protocol.

The current XSF President Peter Saint -Andre has once held the office of XEP editor.

The XSF is supported by Google, Hewlett -Packard, Jabber Inc. and others.

The XSF operates one of the largest public XMPP server jabber.org.

Origin: The Jabber project

The Jabber project is to create an open source project that was started by Jeremie Miller in early 1998 with the goal of a free alternative to the aspiring proprietary instant messaging software like ICQ, etc..

The first objective was the specification and documentation of an XML-based protocol, which is known as Jabber today, as well as the first implementation of its free. The first XMPP server jabberd saw then in May 2000 as the first serious version of the light of day.

History since the founding of the XSF

  • In August 2001, the Foundation was established to service the specification and extensions to the protocol ( the XEPs ) to manage.
  • 2002, some members of the XSF came together for XMPP working group to publish the protocol as an official standard in the IETF. Only in 2004 did so then in the form of four RFCs.
  • 2007, the Jabber Software Foundation was renamed in XMPP Standards Foundation.


Board of Directors

The "Board of Directors" is responsible for the business management of the XSF and is 2007-2008 the following persons:

  • Alexander Gnauck (Chair)
  • Jack Moffitt
  • Mickael Remond


The Council is the technical management of the XSF. The seventh XMPP Council (2007-2008) consists of the following persons:

  • Peter Saint -Andre (Chair)
  • Ralph Meijer
  • Ian Paterson
  • Kevin Smith
  • Dave Cridland


Currently XSF has 61 elected members, of which 5 are ' retired members.