xx (Album)


  • Romy Madley Croft
  • Oliver Sim
  • Jamie Smith
  • Baria Qureshi

Xx is the debut album by the English indie band The xx. It was released in August 2009.

Title list


The greatest success was the album in the UK, where it got platinum status. However, it abolished the album in the charts in continental Europe and the United States.

As singles the songs Crystalised, Basic Space, Islands and VCR were released.


Xx rated by the critics was largely positive:

Pitchfork gives the album a good rating with 8.7 of 10 points. In Allmusic the album gets four out of five. In the review it says: " [the ] songs did are as simple as They Are unique and mysterious. " ( German: ". [ The ] songs are as simple as they are unique and mysterious " ) are also at laut.de it a rating of four stars out of five and concludes: " a catchy and easily consumable debut is mostly recorded at night " XX " not become. [ ... ] Where other songs of young bands increasingly desperate search for the Flash to ever even get noticed in the crowd somehow to The XX talk and act nobly restrained, pleasant electronic- supercooled, sleepwalking, and yet not sleep-inducing. "


The album won the Mercury Music Prize in 2010, an annual award for the best British music album of the previous 12 months.