Yevgeni Mishakov

Yevgeny Dmitrievich Mischakow (Russian: Евгений Дмитриевич Мишаков; born February 2, 1941 in Moscow, Russian SFSR, † May 30, 2007 ) was a Russian ice hockey player.


During his career, the striker for CSKA Moscow and HK HK played Lokomotiv Moscow. In all, he scored 183 goals in 400 games in the Soviet league. He was appointed to the team of the Soviet national ice hockey team early on. On February 26, 1965, he was in a game against Canada for the first time for the Sbornaja on the ice. His international career was crowned with the gold medals at the 1968 Olympic Winter Games and 1972. For the national team, he scored 48 goals in 71 internationals. The Ice Hockey World Championships, he was three times world champion with his team (1969 to 1971). He was inducted into the "Russian Hockey Hall of Fame" in 1968. On 28 September 1972 during the Summit Series in 1972, he played his last international match.