Gialousa, Greek Γιαλουσα, Turkish Yeni Erenkoey ( " New Erenkoey "), even Yialousa, Yalusa, Algialousa, Gałusa, is a small town in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

According to the census had the city in the year 1985 2.800 inhabitants; In 2006 it was estimated to be about 4,500.

The village lies on a plateau of the Karpas peninsula above a broad and fertile coastal plain. Previously formed tobacco and Kolokaz, carob and olive, the supports of the economy. Today, the site is thanks to good infrastructure, small businesses and agriculture economic center of the region. At the municipal beach ( Turkish " Halk Plajı " ) there are restaurants and all the necessary facilities, two kilometers away " Malibou - beach " with adjacent fishing harbor in which there are many fishing boats, is managed professionally.

The place takes its name from the Turkish name of the city Kokkina, " Erenkoey " receive, their Turkish Cypriot inhabitants had to leave the city during the Cyprus conflict in 1964. Before the Turkish invasion in 1974 Gialousa was inhabited by about 2,460 Greek Cypriots. As part of the 2004 failure of the Annan Plan, the place should remain under Turkish Cypriot administration, but was named as one of the localities in which the return of the Greek Cypriot population should be allowed.