The abbreviation YM stands for:

  • Yahoo Messenger, an instant messaging client
  • Yield management, revenue management, see
  • YM BioSciences, U.S. pharmaceutical companies
  • YM agar or YM medium used for the cultivation of acid- loving yeasts and fungi
  • Yokohama Minatomirai Railway Company
  • Young Money, Community Project American musician
  • Young Muslims, a youth organization


YM as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Greece: Piraeus
  • UK: Sheffield
  • Slovakia: Trailer (second group of letters )


  • Yachting Monthly, British Journal
  • Young Miss, German magazine
  • Young Magazine, Japanese magazine
  • YM (magazine), American magazine set

Y -M stands for:

  • The Yamamoto - Miyakawa algorithm.

Ym stands for:

  • Yottameter = 1024 meters, an SI unit of length

Ym stands for:

  • Yoktometer = 10-24 meters, an SI unit of length
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