Montenegro Airlines

  • Podgorica airport
  • Tivat airport

Montenegro Airlines is a Montenegrin airline based in Podgorica and based on the Podgorica airport.


Although the airline was already founded in 1994, the first flight due to the economic and political situation in Yugoslavia could be performed only on 7 May 1997. The first link led to a Fokker F-28 to Bari in Italy. 1998, was the second Fokker F-28 purchased and the objectives were expanded. However, the expansion was stopped by the sanctions against Yugoslavia in early 1999. Only in the fall of 1999, the airline was able to resume flight operations. In 2000 the first Fokker 100 was recorded in the fleet and in the three following years further three aircraft of this pattern were purchased. This replaced the Fokker F- 28th

In 2006 the company founded - now non-existent - subsidiary airline Master Airways, based in Nis, Serbia. In the same year in June, the airline carried its two millionth passenger.


Due to the proximity and commercial relations between Italy and Montenegro, Italy was the first destination that was served. Today, Montenegro Airlines operated from its hubs in Podgorica and Tivat from the following destinations ( as of summer flight schedule 2014):

  • From Podgorica: Ancona, Bari, Vienna, Belgrade, Brindisi, Zurich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Ljubljana, Moscow, Rome, Naples, Paris, St Petersburg
  • From Tivat: Belgrade, London, Moscow, Paris


The fleet of Montenegro Airlines is having as of July 2013, seven aircraft with an average age of 15.8 years:

  • 3 Embraer 195
  • 4 Fokker 100