Yo soy Bea

  • Mónica Estarreado: Cayetana de la Vega
  • Miguel Hermoso Arnao: Diego de la Vega
  • Ana Milán: Sandra de la Vega
  • Ruth Núñez: Beatriz Pérez Pinzón Bea
  • Norma Ruíz: Bárbara Ortiz
  • Alejandro Tous: Álvaro Aguilar

Yo Soy Bea is the Spanish version of the internationally successful television series Yo soy Betty Colombian, la fea.

It is since July 2006, Monday to Friday, aired on Telecinco and finally reaches over three million viewers, which corresponds to an audience of 35%. The attendance record is 4.096 million viewers for the evening of 1 December 2006 broadcast special episode, the highest ratings was 37.7 % on 12 December 2006 (as at March 2007).

This telenovela is about Beatriz Pérez Pinzón, an ugly but intelligent 26 -year-old woman who is hired at a fashion magazine. There she falls in love with her ​​boss, Álvaro Aguilar, a young and newly appointed director of this magazine.


Yo Soy Bea was chosen by the magazine's readers Teleprograma for best telenovela of the year 2006, which they received the award TP de Oro on March 26, 2007.

Ruth Núñez was nominated for her role as Beatriz Pérez Pinzón for prices Fotogramas de Plata and Premios de la Unión de Actores in the category Best TV Actress and for the price TP de Oro for Best Actress.