Yoko Ono (song)

Yoko Ono is a song by Berlin punk rock band Die Ärzte. It was the third single from the album Down with feeling generous, Invisible! . It was published on 5 March 2001 both as a Maxi - CD, as well as a limited 7 "single in transparent vinyl.


The song Yoko Ono has a playing time of only 30 seconds. In the 45 -second music video was recorded even in the Guinness Book of Records for its brevity. From VIVA the single is described as " epic of the Rocks ".

Farin Urlaub sings about how someone is lying to his girlfriend and ridiculed, and represents a comparison to Yoko Ono. This comparison is explained in the reluctance of Beatles fans Farin Urlaub to Yoko Ono: The widow of John Lennon is considered by many Beatles fans as one of the driving forces behind the decline and the separation of the band.

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