Ysgithyrwyn Penbaedd [ ɘsgi'θɘruin ' penbaið ] (" White Tusk top boar " ), Welsh Ysgithrwyn Pen Beidd, Yskithyrwynn Pennbeidd; mittelwalisische yskithyrwyn penn beird, is the name of a mythical boar in the Welsh mythology in the cycle of legends of King Arthur.

Pig and wild boar among the Celts

Pigs were the most important animals of the Celts, they should after a few insular Celtic legends of the otherworld originate (see Pwyll ). As grave goods for the continuation of life in the Other World, they were particularly popular, to be found as a banner, Helmzimier at warriors ( for example, on the Gundestrup Cauldron ) and as ornamentation on torc ( " neck rings "). In Welsh myth cycle of the Mabinogion are pigs, especially boars, often the trigger for wars and raids. The most famous boar of Wales are the Ysgithyrwyn and Twrch Trwyth with his sons.

Kulhwch ac Olwen

In the story time y Kavas Kulhwch Olwen ("How Kulhwch Olwen has won " ), the giant Ysbaddaden the suitor of his daughter Olwen, Arthur's nephew Kulhwch, several almost impossible task. This includes the achievement of specific boar tusks.

The only one who can fulfill this task, Odgar, the son of Aedd, king of Ireland, and bring them must Cadw of Scotland.

John Layard, a relative of Lady Charlotte Guest, suspected in this episode a reference to the mythical unicorn, believed in its existence until the 17th century.