Yuva ( Hindi, युवा Yuva, , literally: youth) is a Hindi film directed by Mani Ratnam in the year 2004.


It focuses on the story of three men on the Howrah Bridge in Kolkata life changing their fateful meeting each individual. The three characters Lallan, Michael and Arjun are supposed to represent different facets of the youth of India.

Lallan, the brutal thug who abused his wife Sashi is later hired by the right-wing politicians Prosonjit Bhattacharya to put the charismatic student leader Michael the craft. Michael, in turn, loves Radhika and from village to village, to move the residents to political action, and to promote local self-government. The third character, Arjun, who after the meeting on the bridge a metamorphosis from naive woman hero to inspiratory political newcomer who enters an appearance in this film has become almost secondary love story with Mira.


  • Yuva is the Hindi version of the Tamil film Aayitha Ezuthu. It is designed as episodic film and stylistically follows the Mexican film Amores Perros. Although the Handlungsort is the Bengali city of Kolkata, many pictures have been filmed in Tamil Nadu.
  • Abhishek Bachchan plays the role Lallan actually first rejected but then accepted.