Yvain, the Knight of the Lion

Yvain ou Le Chevalier au lion (German Iwein or the Knight of the Lion ) by Chrétien de Troyes is an old French verse narrative of Artusepik and was built 1180-1190.


The 6818 fourth verses comprehensive Arthurian novel Chrétien addresses the problem of too many Aventiuren and is therefore often seen as a counterpart to Erec et Enide. Yvain found here without much effort his wife, but loses it again when he can not arrive on time after a year of Aventiure the set deadline. Yvain loses the woman, because he must for all women vouch says. The following life that makes the knight only to professional fighter, then to the existing on the margins of society hermits is aimed to regain the lost favor of a lady and so problematized the adventure request to the knights who makes a family life impossible. Yvain obtained his mind (which he had lost as a hermit ) thanks a lion again. The Lion Yvain accompanied in his adventures. Hence the name Le Chevalier au lion.

The Yvain fabric was known by the processing of Hartmann von Aue, who had previously adapted the Erec, also in Germany.