YZ Ceti

YZ Ceti is a red dwarf in the constellation Cetus ( whale ). Even though it is relatively close to a distance of about 12 Lj of the sun, of the star with the naked eye can not be observed. He is a UV Ceti star ( flare star ) which periodically shows changes in its luminosity. YZ Cetis mass is only about 8.5% of the mass of the sun, the star is 5500 times fainter than they.

YZ Ceti is Tau Ceti, a yellow dwarf star of spectral type G8, unusually close. The two are only about 1.6 light -years apart. This is only slightly more than a third of the distance of the sun to its nearest neighbor Proxima Centauri.

The name part " YZ " follows the rules for naming variable stars and states that YZ Ceti is the 53th variable star, which was discovered in the constellation Cetus.