Yzerfontein is a town in the municipality of Swartland, West Coast district, Western Cape Province in South Africa. 2011, it had 1,140 inhabitants. The town lies on the road R27, 80 kilometers north of Cape Town.

The city's name is composed of the two Afrikaans words Yser (iron) and Fontein (source). The city lies in the winter rainfall area, ie, the annual precipitation of 400 mm falls mainly during the months of April to October. Like all the towns on the South African West coast is the sea before Yzerfontein due to the strong, steady winds for surfing. The temperatures in winter - because of the near Benguela - well below 10 ° C, it is usually but frost-free.

The Latin election and heraldic motto of the town is: Mare didat flores decorant ( German: " The sea nourished and flowers adorn "). Main source of income of the village is fishing, in addition to the wildflower season ( August to October) of tourism.


Until 1937 Yzerfontein was just a farm. It then received the city status as a township. A special city council there was only from 1989. On 19 April 2011, the West Africa Cable System, a submarine reached the coast of Yzerfontein.


  • West Coast National Park, the city territory extends to the southern border of the National Park
  • Ronde Mountain Nature Reserve, 15 kilometers south of the city
  • Dassen off the coast of Iceland