Swartland Local Municipality

- 33.4518.733333333333Koordinaten: 33 ° 27 ' S, 18 ° 44'

Swartland is a municipality in the district of West Coast, Western Cape Province in South Africa. In 2001 the population was 72.105 on a total area of ​​3692 km ². The administrative center is Malmesbury.

Swartland is Afrikaans for " black land". Jan van Riebeeck, Governor of the Cape Colony in 1652 sent his officials Cieter Cruyhos for research purposes inland. He came back and told him that the landscape is black. This was referring to the color of the rhino bush ( Elytropappus rhinocerotis ) in the summer. This is after heavy rainfall then so dark green that resembles the color black. In Bushmans Kloof, there is a memorial stone to his trip in 1662. He called The Valley in honor of the Governor Riebeek Valley. For 1683 clashes with the Khoikhoi in Zonquasdrift are detectable.