Zhubei, also Jhubei or Chupei (Chinese竹北 市, pinyin Zhubei Shì, Tongyong Pinyin Jhubei Shih, W.-G. Chu- pei Shih, PEH oē - jī Tek -pak chhi ), is a city in the northwest of the Republic of China on Taiwan. It is the capital of Hsinchu County and with 156,000 inhabitants ( August 2013 ) its largest city. Zhubei is strongly marked by the city planning and is a newly arisen between metropolitan center in the south of Hsinchu and Taoyuan in the north. Due to the direct connection to the new railway station of the Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail and very modern (living) infrastructure, it is popular as a residential area for wealthier layers of the Hsinchu Science Park as well as a residential area for commuters to Taipei and Taichung attractive. ( :; 100,000 2009: 137,000; 2013: 156,000 2003) Accordingly, the population is growing steadily.


Zhubei located north of the independent city Hsinchu, which is reflected also in the name of the city, composed of竹, zhú, bamboo ' as the second syllable of Hsinchu (新竹, Xinzhu ) and北in ' North ' composed. Located at the mouth level of the rivers and Fengshan Touqian urban area extends from the Formosastraße in the west about 15 km inland and rises slightly. The north - south expansion is good 4 km.

The city has a connection to the highway 1, the main north- south axis of Taiwan, as well as a station of the conventional railroad. In addition, the Hsinchu Station of Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail located in the east of the urban area of ​​Zhubei.