Ziri ibn Manad

Ziri ibn al - Manad Himyari as- Sanhadschi (Arabic زيري بن مناد الحميري الصنهاجي, DMG Ziri b Manād al - Himyari aṣ - Ṣanhāǧī; . † 971 ) was the founder of Ziridendynastie in the Maghreb.


Ziri ibn Manad was leader of the Berber Zirids and initially fought for the leadership among the Sanhaja in the central Maghreb / Algeria. As a loyal ally of the Fatimids, he struck down the revolt of Abu Yazid also ( 943-947 ). For Ziri ibn Manad was appointed governor of the western provinces, where his territory approximately encompassed present-day Algeria north of the Sahara.

South of Algiers was Ziri ibn Manad since 935 the residence Aschir building, where he was supported by the Fatimids with craftsmen and architects. His son Buluggin ibn Ziri founded still under his control the cities of Algiers, Miliana and Medea ( Lamdiya ) new or prompted the reconstruction of the destroyed settlements.

Ziri ibn Manad 971 fell in battle against the renegade Berber tribes in Morocco. Successor as governor was his son Buluqqin ibn Ziri, the 972 also viceroy of Ifriqiya was ( 972-984 ), when the Fatimids moved their headquarters to Egypt.