Znak (association)

Znak (German: character ) was a Polish Catholic lay organization in the year 1956 until 1976.


The group was formed in the course of a faction within the union " PAX " Bolesław Piaseckis. After 1956 Znak was (next to PAX and Chrześcijańskie Stowarzyszenie Społeczne ) is one of three Catholic groups that were represented in the People's Republic of Poland in the Sejm. Ideologically, she was connected with the Cracow magazine Tygodnik Powszechny and the monthly magazine Znak, emerged on the basis of the " Club of Catholic Intelligence ( KIK ) ".

In contrast to the above two other groups, which often Cardinal Wyszynski fought with the Church and Primate disputes to Znak was not in conflict with the episcopate. Rather, it served to some extent to provide a bridge between the church and rulers. They worked with Catholic lay organizations in Western Europe together ( above all with the German Pax Christi and the international " Pax Romana "). Znak was, inter alia, in the Sejm represented by Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Jerzy Zawieyski, Stefan Kisielewski, Stanisław Stomma or Wanda Pieniężna. It was also "his" chairman in the State Council - it was Jerzy Zawieyski ( 1956-1969 ).

Under Catholic deputies resistance to the anti-Semitic and anti- intelligence propaganda of the rulers in the People's Republic of Poland developed in 1968, whereupon it from the ranks of the parliamentary grouping ZSL ( Zjednoczone Stronnictwo Ludowe ) were referred to as " remnant of the reaction." The group Znak existed until 1976, it was liquidated from circles of the government in connection with the absence of Stanisław Stommas a vote on constitutional amendment.

After 1976, the name Znak persisted through several loyalist Catholic MPs, including Ryszard Bender, Janusz Zabłocki and Waclaw Auleytner ( the so-called " Neo - Znak " ), 1980 aufgingen in Polski Związek Katolicko - Społeczny the ( approximately: "Polish Catholic social association ").

  • Roman Catholic Church in Poland
  • Roman Catholic organization
  • Historical Organization ( Poland)
  • Established in 1956
  • Dissolved in 1976