Ryszard Bender

Janusz Ryszard Bender ( born February 16, 1932 in Łomża ) is a Polish historian and politician.


Bender taught at the Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Katolicki Paweł II As a historian, he conducted research mainly on the January Uprising (1863 /64); its causes such as the November Uprising (1830 /31) and its impact up to the present.

1976 Bender was instrumental in the founding of the Club of Catholic intelligentsia. As a student stood Bender conservative lay organization Znak close. When they broke up in 1976, Bender held with some like-minded people these ideals still high. As a Neo - Znak they went in 1980 to the Polski Związek Katolicko - Społeczny.

Between 1976 and 1980, Bender was under Edward Gierek, Member of the Sejm. As the emergence and rise of the Solidarity trade union necessitated a reorganization of the government, Bender lost his place in the Sejm and was able to return until 1985 ( under Wojciech Jaruzelski ). He held until 1989 this office. 1991 he was appointed for two years as senator; In 2005 he had held the post for two years again.

2007 anti-Semitic remarks were accused; He alleged, inter alia, that the concentration camp Auschwitz was a labor camp and not an extermination camp.

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