31.04680555555635.502444444444Koordinaten: 31 ° 2 ' 49 "N, 35 ° 30' 9" E

Zoar is an ancient settlement on the east coast of the Dead Sea. The location of the place is shown on the mosaic map of Madaba, a cartographic representation of the southeastern Mediterranean from the mid 6th century AD

According to biblical tradition, there was Lot, Abraham's nephew, refuge (Gen 13,10 EU).

In Roman times the city was part of the Provincia Arabia or Palestine tertia. A Byzantine cemetery showed numerous Greek and Aramaic inscribed grave stones. Based on the writing / speech can be distinguished between Jewish and Christian graves. The Jewish grave stones have a special innovation at the mention of the death anniversary. Similarly, in women, the name of the father is usually called instead of, as usual until then, the man's name.

Today, a titular of the Roman Catholic Church, which dates back to the ancient diocese exists.