Arabia Petraea

Arabia Petraea was a province of the Roman Empire.

It was established in the year 106 after the annexation of the Nabatäerreichs and its capital Petra by Emperor Trajan. Its territory comprised roughly the Sinai Peninsula and the west of the present-day Jordan. Their capital city was Bosra in Syria today. Arabia Petraea was among the imperial provinces and was administered by a legate in praetorischem rank, who was supported by a procurator of equestrian rank. Your neighboring provinces were Aegyptus in the West, Iudaea (since 135 Syria Palestine ) in the northwest and Syria in the north. In the south, they came to the Gulf of Aqaba and on the east by the Arabian Desert.

In the course of administrative reform Emperor Diocletian, the province at the end of the 3rd century was associated with the name of the diocese of Oriens Arabia. With this she fell into the so-called Reich division of 395 to Ostrom. In the 7th century, the area was conquered by Muslim Arabs, which meant the end of the province of Arabia.