Zwack liqueur

Zwack is a traditional company from Hungary. It is the manufacturer of the stomach bitters Unicum. The origin of the company dates back to the bitters of the court physician Dr. Zwack, which he developed in 1790.


The history of the distillery Zwack is closely linked with the product Unicum. The company was founded in 1840 in Pest by József Zwack Max. In German, the company was registered as Josef Max & Ludwig Zwack. With the product, the company Unicum rose due to strong exports. In 1890, production had grown so that the company into a new premises in the 9th district of Budapest ( Ferencvaros ) had to move where again today is the fabrication. The company was eventually k.u.k. Purveyor.

The production came in the second world war by destroying the factory to a standstill. After the factory was rebuilt, the company was nationalized under the communist regime in 1948. The Zwack family fled to Italy. Péter Zwack (1927-2012) succeeded after 1989 with the help of Underberg Group to repurchase operation in Hungary and to make it profitable again; Today the families Zwack and Underberg have 50 % of its capital plus one share.

Besides the well known Bitters provides Zwack also produces several varieties fires or schnapps and liqueurs. Other products include:

  • Vilmos
  • St. Hubertus
  • Fütyülős
  • Zwack Pálinkák
  • Kalinka Vodka

Wine like Tokaji is also supplied.