(10199) Chariklo

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( 10199 ) Chariklo is a large asteroid with an equivalent radius of 124 km from the group of centaurs. It is surrounded by two rings of water ice, the inner ice ring having a radius of 391 km, a width of 7 km and the outer ice ring with a radius of 405 km, a width of 3 km. The reason for the existence and stability of the ring system is not yet known. The two rings are separated by a 9 km measured gap. Among other things, why is suspected that there may not exist at least a shepherd moon, which stabilizes the ring system. The escape velocity of ( 10199 ) Chariklo is expected to be around the 350 km / h.

He was discovered on February 15, 1997 by James V. Scotti of Spacewatch project at the Kitt Peak Observatory.

The provisional designation was 1997 Cu26. It is the largest currently known asteroid from the group of centaurs. It is named after the nymph Chariklo, the wife of the centaur Chiron.

Chariklo is the first and only asteroid in the rings were found. The discovery of the ring system was a result of the evaluation of an occultation of 3 June 2013.