1977 1. deild

The Faroe Islands Football Championship 1977 was held in the first Deild said first Faroese league and overall was the 35th season. It started on April 30, 1977 with the play of Fram Tórshavn against TB Tvøroyri and ended on October 2, 1977.

Movers Fram Tórshavn was the 13th participant in the top division after the introduction of the League operation in 1947. Thus played with B36 Tórshavn, Fram and HB Tórshavn for the first time three teams from the same city in the premier league. This could be repeated in 2007. Champion was defending TB Tvøroyri who could thus win the title for the fifth time. Had to descend on the other hand Fram Tórshavn after a year of excellence.

In comparison to the previous season, the strike rate deteriorated to 3.21 per game. The highest victory achieved ÍF Fuglafjørður with a 7-1 at home against Fram Tórshavn on matchday three, which also represented the highest-scoring game.


In the first Deild each team to play twelve days played two games against each other. The point- best team in the season-ending stable as champions this league, the last team got down to the 2nd Deild.

Course of the season

Cup decision

TB Tvøroyri started with three wins from their first four games in the season and thus sat right at the start of the table top. On Matchday they had these, however, after a 0-0 away draw against KÍ Klaksvík dispose to HB Tórshavn, which were also unbeaten. But that changed the very next match day, when the two teams clashed and TB in the home game with a 1-0 victory regained the lead. Despite a 1-2 defeat at the eleventh match day away match against ÍF Fuglafjørður they no longer gave off the tour. The decision for the championship was still only on the final day. TB Tvøroyri resulted in better goal difference with two points against HB Tórshavn, but lost their home game against TB with 0:3.

Relegation battle

Fram Tórshavn conceded at the beginning of season three defeats and thus found himself at the bottom of the table again. This was after a 3-1 home win against B36 Tórshavn and a 1:1 be leaving again in the away game against HB Tórshavn. The last place was briefly a KÍ Klaksvík, which again pushed over after a 0-0 draw at home against TB Tvøroyri on Matchday at Fram and ÍF Fuglafjørður refer to the last place. After ÍF won 4-1 already on the next game at home against KÍ, was again Fram Tórshavn in last place. By the end of the season managed a single goal more so that on the twelfth Gameday for a 0:3 descent was sealed in the home game against HB Tórshavn, as the direct competitor B36 Tórshavn the distance with a 1-1 in the away game against KÍ Klaksvík to three points could zoom in still an outstanding game for Fram.

Final Table

Explanation: S = Wins, D = Draws, L = Defeats, (M) = Champion of last year, (P) = Cup winners of the previous year, (N) = Up

  • 1st place: champion and cup winner
  • 7th place: descent into the second Deild. Climber was Miðvágur MB.

Fixtures and Results


National Cup

In the National Cup TB Tvøroyri won with 1:3 and 3:0 against VB Vágur and thus achieved the double.