3G H.324M or 3G -324M is a protocol, which enables multimedia content in 3G or UMTS networks.


It was with the introduction of mobile networks of third generation (3G) assumed that due to the higher transmission speeds over GSM networks would disseminate strong multimedia content through mobile devices. To allow for this multimedia communication services, the 3G H.324M protocol was required.

Both 3G standardization organizations (3GPP and 3GPP2 ) have 3G -324M defined as a solution for voice services using voice -switched networks. Circuit switching networks (as opposed to packet -switched networks such as the Internet ) were the predominant power of many telecommunications providers. These networks represent a mature technology and are therefore relatively insensitive to disturbances. In these existing networks in addition to voice services and multimedia services has to be ported. These services are mainly in the field of IP telephony. To the H.324M protocol of ITU -T was recycled for multimedia services to a certain extent and added language or speech codec.

The following services are known from the field of IP telephony and can be used through the use of 3G -324M on circuit-switched networks:

  • Video conferencing between two or more mobile phones or office conference systems
  • Video streaming, so television on mobile phone with a plurality of channels, plus on-demand movies
  • Real-time games with other users

In the meantime, have packet-switching among others through the use of so-called smartphones enforced for obengennante services. Due to the ever-increasing volume of data networks newer generation have been developed.