3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP ) is a worldwide collaboration of standardization committees for standardization in mobile communications; specifically for UMTS, GERAN (GSM) and LTE. The 3GPP was founded on 4 December 1998 by five so-called Organizational Partners.

Organizational Partners

These are:

  • ARIB ( Association of Radio Industries and Businesses, Japan)
  • ETSI ( European Telecommunication Standards Institute )
  • ATIS (formerly T1) ( Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, USA)
  • TTA ( Telecommunications Technology Association, Korea)
  • TTC ( Telecommunications Technology Committee, Japan)

In the meantime came continued:

About this Organizational Partners a majority of all mobile network operators, manufacturers and regulatory authorities is organized in 3GPP world.


The aim of standardization work is the creation of technical specifications ( TS), which describe all aspects of mobile technology so precise that the mobile devices of all manufacturers will work perfectly under all mobile networks.

Further, the 3GPP is involved in the standardization of the IP Multimedia Subsystem.

The specifications are in the FTP area on the website of the 3GPP (see below) to find and can be downloaded free.

Technical committees

The standardization work is done in so-called TSGs ( Technical Standardisation Group ). There are:

  • TSG SA ( = Services and Architecture )
  • TSG CT ( = Core Network & Terminals )
  • TSG GERAN ( GSM EDGE Radio Access Network = )
  • TSG RAN ( = UMTS Radio Access Network )

Each TSG has several WGs ( Working Groups), in each of which branches of TSG- tasks are handled.


Regardless of 3GPP 3GPP2, there is the project which forms a cooperation of companies working on the CDMA2000 standard.

From 3GPP also a file format with the extension " .3 gp " has been specified. Compatible with 3GPP is, among other things, the video codec HDX4.