3rd Generation Partnership Project 2

3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 or 3GPP2 is a primarily in North America, Japan and China active cooperation of standardization bodies in the field of cellular communication of the third generation ( eg UMTS). 3GPP2 deals with the details and further developments in the context of mobile phone standards such as CDMA2000 standard. 3GPP2 was founded almost simultaneously with the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP ) in December 1998 and should not be confused with this.

At 3GPP2 are the Japanese Association of Radio Industries and Businesses ( ARIB ), the China Communications Standards Association involved ( CCSA ) and the U.S. Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).

The object of the 3GPP2 is the standardization work and the preparation of technical specifications which are primarily across companies define as part of the CDMA2000 mobile standards. This serves to make the various CDMA2000 mobile devices across manufacturers compatible. An example of the standardization work of the 3GPP2 provides the specified video file format 3g2 dar.